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Just Because

"Flowers are like friends; they bring color to your world"

someone you care for feeling blue? Rosebay Florist will design an arrangement to bring the smile to their faces, fresh blooms, premium quality, and tasteful colors will last with them for days,

Picture of Cute and Sweet

Cute and Sweet

From $47.52

not too big but sweet bouquet of red roses, pink lisianthus, pink carnation, pink gerbera daisy, lavender alstromeria and lavender statice. done in 8" ginger vase tied with lavender sheer ribbon, standard size is 12" high an 10" wide

Picture of Birthday Wish

Birthday Wish

From $54.82

I wish you a colorful day, bright and classy like you. this arrangement combine the beauty of deep purple roses, pink spray roses, white hydrangea, white snapdragon, cream lisianthus and light pink alstromeria, accented with tropical leaves and created 3 sided in an 8" ginger glass vase. standard size is 18"high and 12" wide

Picture of Cheers


From $47.52

Cheers and be happy, Cheers to your success and cheers to a great person you are. you have to smile when receiving this arrangement, it is a happy bouquet, white hydrangea, yellow roses, purple roses, orange spray roses, mini green hydrangea and orange hypericum done in 7" frosted vase. standard size is 12" high and 12" wide

Picture of Autumn Brilliant

Autumn Brilliant

From $54.82

rust color mums, orange roses, yellow solidago, white hydrangea, red skimmia and dollar eucalyptus arranged low and compact in a 8"glass gathering vase. A cheerful fall arrangement to enjoy while watching fall leaves scattering around the garden. Standard size 12" tall and 12" wide.

Picture of Blooming Wishes

Blooming Wishes

From $51.17

I wish for you blooms of happiness and colors. you are sending lovely blooming wishes for those who you care about, a birthday wish, a get well wish, a congratulation wish and a care about or just because wish. carefully created in 5" purple square vase with lavender spray roses, deep purple roses, lime greens mums , red skeemia , double pink oriental lilies and greens. standard size is 10" high and 12" wide

Picture of Colorful  Vibes

Colorful Vibes

From $80.41

Red skimmia, blue hydrangea, purple snapdragon, cream calla lilies, orange roses and orange berries, it is Autumn vibes all arranged in gathering glass vase, warm colors of fall, a gift of care and love. standard size is about 16" tall and 18" wide.

Picture of Cheerful Wish Basket

Cheerful Wish Basket

From $61.40

A colorful wish to be sent, but it is not lacking beauty, our designers put together this basket to cheer your special one. white spray mums, green Kermit mums, orange roses, orange carnation, yellow solidago, pink gerbera daisies, all created together to deliver a cheerful wish. arrangement done in 8" brown wicker basket with handle. standard size is 12" tall and 18" wide.

Picture of Toffee and Peach

Toffee and Peach

From $54.82

Caramel toffee color rose in its glory, captured by the peach color tiffany roses, alstromeria, carnation, berries, hypericum and red skimmia created in 11" glass classic urn, tied with burlap and peach sheer ribbon. standard size is 17" tall and 14" wide

Picture of You are Special

You are Special

From $62.14

for a special wife, Mother, Sister, Daughter or even special friend. This arrangement hold warm colors with warm message to a special one. red and hot pink roses, red aster, green trix, Baby's breath, seeded eucalyptus and more, put together in a glass Bella vase. Standard size is 17" tall and 14" wide

Picture of A New Day

A New Day

From $54.82

A new wish, a new challenge, a new job all of them bring a New Day to our life, a new beginning and a new hope. Red, white and pink, bright, and cheerful arrangement of hydrangea, alstromeria, roses and green all put together in a 9" ginger glass vase. Standard size is 12" by 10"

Picture of Thoughts of Love

Thoughts of Love

From $69.44

You do smile when you think about that someone, thoughts of love, thoughts of care and thought of tenderness. send this arrangement to those who bring all these beautiful thoughts to your heart. red roses, peach roses, brown hypericum , pink snapdragon, white alstromeria done in classic urn vase accented with black netting and tied with red ribbon. Standard size is 18" tall and 15" wide.

Picture of Now and Forever

Now and Forever

From $58.48

In your heart, in your mind , in you life, Now and forever!!, white hydrangea, red skimmia, red roses, pink lilies, dusty miller and wax flowers tied with beautiful variegated tie leaf. created in glass gathering 9" vase. standard size is 17" tall and 12" wide

Picture of Peek a Boo Teddy Bear

Peek a Boo Teddy Bear

From $58.48

This little boy or little girl coming to brighten our lives bundled in joy and laughter. Send this bouquet to proud parents and grand parents or even to cheer someone feeling the blues. you can choose any color teddy, white, pink, brown or beige. this arrangement is don in 4" ceramic container with hydrangea, gerbera, snapdragon, orchid and greens. standard size is 12" tall and 10" wide

Picture of Purple Splendor

Purple Splendor

From $51.17

Purple deep roses, purple mums, purple wax flowers accented with green Kermit mums and red skimmia done in smoked color square vase . standard size is 10 " high and 12" wide.

Picture of Hello


From $65.79

Some times all what we need to hear is a simple "Hello". You can not be there in person?! say it with flowers. this simple bouquet is a token of friendship and caring. Each flower peak on its own to say hello. yellow spray roses, hot pink gerbera, pink lilies, purple aster, cream roses, green hypericum and seeded eucalyptus. Standard size is 15" tall and 12" wide in glass vase

Picture of Thinking of You

Thinking of You

From $109.65

Thinking of you when you are sad, happy, tired or just feeling the blues. Our Designer created this arrangement for sad occasion, although the colors are dark but full of emotion, class, elegance and beauty. Burgundy cymbidium orchid, orange snapdragon, red lilies, red roses, red mums, red skimmia and a touch of lime green hydrangea for that ray of light to assure the special one that your are thinking of them. standard size is 20" tall and 14" wide.

Picture of Autumn Ray

Autumn Ray

From $65.79

This beautiful arrangement gathers fall color flowers and wrap them in smoke bush filler and accent the fall colors with pastel yellow roses as a ray of sun. green hydrangea, red gerbera, pink lilies, purple Vernonia and yellow alstromeria, perfect gift for any occasion and your special special one. the flowers are arranged in clear glass vase, standard size is about 16" tall and 14" wide, deluxe and premium size will have more flower and a bit larger size.

Picture of Summer Blooms

Summer Blooms

From $62.14

Fresh Summer blooms, double oriental pink lilies, vibrant color gerbera daisy, lavender stocks, oblisk aster and purple mums and purple wax flowers to fill the air with summer fresh smell. designed in clear classic urn glass vase and tied with pink shear ribbon. standard size 18" tall and 14" wide

Picture of Beautiful Pastel

Beautiful Pastel

From $55.56

This beauty, is soft and calm but doesn't lack any charm. white creamy roses, white oriental lilies, lime green mums, light peach hypericum, lavender stocks , accented with Daphne greens and seeded eucalyptus , done in 8" clear glass gathering vase. standard size 14" tall and 12" wide

Picture of Beautiful As You

Beautiful As You

From $80.41

Morning fresh breeze, as beautiful as the person getting this arrangement, whether it is for lovely Mother on her birthday, a sweet sixteen birthday, or just because you are special and this is for you. white hydrangea accented with bright pink roses and white spray roses, tastefully arranged in white ceramic container.